Hi, I am Rano, brand strategist and copywriter with work experience in New York and Moscow.

I create articles, social media posts, and web pages and ensure their high quality, audience engagement, and attention to details. The content I produce is well-researched, targeted, and useful for customers. I stick to three areas I have the experience in – technology, jewelry, and digital business development.

I was born in Uzbekistan. After USSR fell, my family moved to Russia where I was raised and educated. As a kid, I was involved in storytelling, poetry writing, and book-reading activities. I was awarded a poetry writing award when I was 10. I attended a specialized English school and graduated with a business development degree from a Moscow university. I made a career in branding and marketing. In 2012 I moved to New York to work at a luxury branding agency. I then transferred to a full-time copywriter role, producing content, brand copy, and articles for the English-speaking audience. I am now working on my British Studies masters degree at the Humboldt University of Berlin.

My writing process includes 5 steps:

  1. Discovery – I get as much information as I can from you and external sources
  2. Research – I process the information and research to find out more about your audience, competitors, subject area, and assigned topic
  3. Ideation – I create an outline and fill in facts, links, and sources, which I can elaborate on later on
  4. Writing – I create context around facts and make sure the way the content is written speaks to the audience. I fill in the details and add newly found facts.
  5. Editing – I go over the content piece to fix logical inaccuracies, identify paragraphs that need rewriting or further editing, and check grammar.

I offer services in the following two areas:

1) Market research and analysis to identify your niche category among competitors

2) Create a unique positioning statement that clearly explains what you do, how you’re different, and what you can offer to the world

3) Create a slogan and story that will communicate the place of your brand in the market

1) Create a content marketing strategy to ensure consistency of messaging across all platforms

2) Create marketing copy that sells and indicates your value. Write copy that establishes an emotional connection to the customer, helping the buyers get from where they are now to a better place with your product.

3) Deliver excellent content for the blog and social media accounts. SEO content optimization. Content that is supported by extensive research to keep the public engaged, curious, and connected on a deep level.

Get in touch via email (rsalie.personal@gmail.com) or message me on Skype (ID: ranoshka2740).

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